North 40 Productions is a new high-power film studio, composed of many of the talents who brought you such experiences as Pedal Driven & Woody Goomsba. Stay tuned for more updates, and you'll definitely want to keep your eye on this company and their work! 

Black Tie Espresso Catering is a classy catering company in Olympia, WA. With a strong business focus on locally-sourced ingredients, high quality service and classy style, we took the opportunity to convey that message quickly and effectively through a custom site featuring beautiful imagery and bite-sized bits of information.

Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort wanted to develop their own custom coffee packaging design for their new specialty organic house blend of coffee for restaurant guests and retail sales. Caffè Mela, a local coffee roaster and live music hot spot, crafted a fully organic blend, and Ringsrud Creative developed a custom design to highlight the persona of the resort as well as the blend. Its design is minimal yet rich, featuring a single-color hand-screen-printed design on resealable kraft paper bags.

Project Groundwork is a dynamic group of landscape architects and engineers that is changing the way we live, and enjoy living, in Wenatchee. After experiencing incredible growth and success in their first handful of years, they came to Ringsrud Creative for a fresh look to convey the depth and value of the services they provide and the history they have in the field. Its dynamic UI, built in conjunction with Benjamin Field and Rock Creek Interactive, gives the site a subtle interactive feel while holding all the information in a single-page site.

Orondo Ruby is an incredibly delicious new cherry variety, not to mention a great company that is passionate about rolling out the best fruit possible. In an intensive project, we redesigned their previous site to better convey the lushness of the cherry, the sweeping views of its location, and the story behind its discovery. Do check it out, and when June & July roll around keep your eyes peeled for these tasty gems!

Developing the brand for Snowdrift Cider Co. has been an incredibly fun project. In a world already saturated with loads of delicious wines and well-crafted microbrews, it seemed foolhardy to try to launch yet another alcoholic beverage and think you could get anywhere. But together we took the risk head-on and went for it. The challenge was to create a brand image and package that would catch attention in the saturated beer/wine category and be accepted, yet different; something that was both relevant to today's design sensibility and respectful of cider's rich past, something that was attractive to urban consumers and conveyed a bit of the feel of the country where it originated.
Photos courtesy of David White





Caffè Mela is our local coffee shop / everyone's office-away-from-office. At least, that's what most people thought it was for about a year or so after they had begun roasting their own coffee. I was approached by the owner to help turn his coffee program around and take it to a top-notch level. This included redesigning the way the coffee was presented in-store and out, with custom retail coffee packaging, marketing strategies, a new website and a whole host of ongoing related projects. We even got down to the nitty-gritty, sourcing outstanding origins and honing the roast profile for each product to make sure the coffees were jam-packed with as much origin character as possible.

 Since the focus of the entire company is tied to high-quality artisan-made beverages, the roasting took a similar approach. A mass-produced package wouldn't mesh well with the hand-crafted nature of every drink, every pastry, every sandwich. So we decided to screen print every retail bag of coffee by hand.

 Every bag of freshly-roasted coffee that leaves the roastery is stamped with a "Fresh-Roasted" seal of approval.

 After printing thousands of bags, the screen is showing signs of the love that is poured into the precious coffee beans.

Along with the new direction for the roastery was a new visual direction for the cafe's website. Darren, the illustrious and multi-talented owner is a mean web coder as well, so I designed the look-and-feel for the site and he built it from the ground up.

Among my work as a product designer, the Dana Design Tiber remains one of my favorite hydration packs. Collaborating with Zac West and utilizing a highly-specialized active harness system designed for trail running and highly mobile sports, we grew the pack's size a touch from its predecessors and built in functionality on the inside to target the needs of a cross-country mountain bike user. Vertical and horizontal compression is very effective while remaining ultra-low-profile and keeping all excess cording and straps tucked away out of reach of snagging branches. The main opening zipper is kept sheltered from mud and debris by the lid and vertical compression strap. The whole pack is built with a tapered profile to keep the load as close to the rider's center of gravity as possible.

DiscoDeck is a small project done as a team with Joseph Kennelly-Ullman (now at Stratos) and Alex Maughan (Resolute). The function is simple – to elegantly hold and organize cds – and we kept the construction clean and simple as well with meticulously-formed stainless steel.